The Pacific Northwest region spans from Canadian British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho with the American side trail estimated at 1200 miles. It is a region of breath-taking beauty, nature in all her glory. The many lakes, rivers and of course, the Pacific herself, offer a wide variety of fishing and types of fish available in the expansive waters.

Let’s look at lake fishing tips and tricks first. Remember that bait shop owners are a wealth of information, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on anything from bait to what’s biting this season. Now, here are a few tips and tricks from seasoned anglers:

  • Live Bait: Worms and Minnows are best, according to some of the pros. Always open the container before you buy worm bait (sometimes they’re dead or too small, and we don’t want that!). When buying Minnows, get 12 large and 12 medium. And please note that dead Minnows at the end of your line need to be replaced to actually catch something! These 2 bait species work well for catching most fish found in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Lures: These are the synthetic equivalent to live bait. They are made from a rubbery, flexible material, aimed at fooling the fish into thinking it’s the real thing, and work pretty well if you’re in an area full of fish. A standard rooster tail lure will generally work most of the time.
  • Gear: Try to include a fishing and boating map to check out the drop-offs on man-made lakes…if you don’t any nasty surprises that don’t end as well as do in movies!
  • If you’re taking the kids, Bluegill fishing is a winner since they are ample in lakes and generally found near the bank. There’s nothing more awesome than the look of delight on a little one’s face when they catch a fish and transform into fully-fledged anglers.
  • Use a 4-pound test line to catch Bluegill since the line is thinner and not so noticeable to the fish (we don’t them to know they’re tonight’s dinner).

Bass fishing is also common in the Northwest Pacific since they are flush in this region. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along your way:

  • Find your ideal bass boat here at It’s as simple as filling out the form on our ‘Boat Overview’ page and we will help you select the boat with features and accessories that best suit your needs.  
  • Don’t throw away your beaten up but still alive worms! Bass are narcissistic so they go for prey that is half-dead.  
  • Use red hooks. The bass will bite if they see the red, mistaking it for blood.
  • Always use sharp hooks, and sharpen before every fishing trip for a quick hook on the boney jaws of the bass.

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