Stryker Inflatable Boats FAQs

What is Thermowelding?

Short Answer: Machine Welded Seams
Long Answer: The thermowelding process fuses 2 materials together using heat instead of glue. Glued seams are all produced by hand and are subject to the glue getting ‘tired’ and letting go. Thermowelding is a much better process because it lasts indefinitely. We are currently the only BC based company offering fully thermoweld tube technology while all our competitors are still only providing hand glued.

Why Inflatable Boats?

Short Answer: Compact, rugged, affordable
Long Answer: Stryker inflatable boats come in a box that fits into almost any SUVs and lots of cars (I have personally put a 380 in both a Mini Cooper & Honda Fit). Included in every box are 2 heavy duty storage bags: 1 for your boat and 1 for the floor and accessories. With 2 bags they become entirely manageable for 1 or 2 people. Stryker Boats are versatile! You can leave them folded in your vehicle or tow them on a trailer.

Why Choose Stryker?

Short Answer: You are supporting a local small business.
Long Answer: We are *ALWAYS* testing our products.. We LOVE the water! Here at Stryker we are outdoor enthusiasts which means we have a true understanding of what our products are capable of and how we can improve on them. Research and development is one of our favourite things to do. Customer feedback is important to us and when asked it is usually ‘I love what you guys do!’.

Why should we choose stryker? How are you different?

This is a question we hear A LOT! We can’t speak to what our competition does since we use our boats exclusively. We have carefully selected our materials and suppliers to provide the highest quality boat possible to our customers. Being avid boaters ourselves we have a true understanding of what it takes to have an awesome experience out on the water. Unlike some other companies simply importing standard design inflatable boats we actually use our boats every chance we get.

Where can i buy a Stryker?

We are the designer, manufacturer & importer of Stryker Inflatable Boats. We have a dealers in Aldergrove BC, Alberta Marine in Nanton, AB & Cycle Works in red Deer, AB Allen Marine in Nanaimo, BC, NR Motors in Prince George, BC and Argyll Motorsports Edmonton, AB.

I live somewhere far away. Can you ship?

Yes! We ship all over North America. We use LTL trucking and delivery takes anywhere from overnight to 5 business days depending where you live.

Why do I have to make an appointment to look at your boats?

We live close to our shop so we can essentially meet you almost anytime including after standard business hours. Just call us and we can arrange for a mutually convenient time.