So, you’ve just got your very first Stryker inflatable boat. Congratulations! But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Stryker offers a whole range of accessories and add-ons that will make your boating experience all that much better.

Scotty Accessories

If you’re an avid fisher, take a look at the range of Scotty rod holders available on Stryker’s website.

No more worrying about losing your rod to a big catch unexpectedly. Instead, your rod can be well cared for by a Scotty baitcaster or fly rod holder that securely holds your rod in a cushioned cradle. 

With Scotty’s anchor kit you won’t drift too far from that perfect fishing spot.

As part of the kit, you will receive 5 top of the line Scotty products. Including:

  • 50 ft nylon line
  • Anchor
  • Emergency equipment container 774
  • Snap hook 590

The anchor itself weighs only 1.5lb – light enough to carry but heavy enough to keep your boat stable. However, this anchor is meant for still water. The anchor is also foldable, making storage easier.

Scotty’s 455BK bait board provides you with a workstation on your inflatable boat.

Use the boat for your bait, tools, and tackle. No more finding loose bait in the bottom of your boat weeks later. It has several other attachment points for accessories like cup holder and other mounts as well.

All our Scotty rod holders come with a post mount which can attach to any Stryker inflatable boat with Scotty 341 pads installed. All models from 2017 and newer come with at least 5 pads on each boat.

Boat Bags

Whether you are heading out on a day-long fishing trip or planning on drifting on the lake, it helps to have storage bags for extra gear, fishing rods, etc.

Our boats come with necessary bags like a carry bag for both the boat and aluminum floor. Each boat comes with a smart cargo bag that attaches to bench seat and is removeable. Bow bags come standard with each boat as well.


Want some extra comfort while controlling your inflatable boat?

A side-mounted steering console allows you to reach your controls while comfortable by a padded control seat.

Or a classic standing console complete with a windshield and standing backrest means that you can feel like the captain of your own ship without the back pain.


Stryker has designed a few trailers to make boat transportation significantly easier while the boat is still inflated.

Stryker has collaborated with RoadRunner trailers to design a trailer perfect for any rigid or soft hull inflatable boat.

To avoid causing any damage to the boat while on the road, 3 pads have been added to the front and insides of the trailer, essentially creating a safety cradle for your boat.


Stryker wants to offer you the easiest experience when using your inflatable boat, even when inflating it.

Maybe try the Bravo BTP two-stage electro turbopump which can inflate your boat in only 15 minutes.

The pump will automatically stop inflating once the correct pressure has been reached.